Listen to the music of hip hop artist STATIC XO for free and online. STATIC XO is an emerging artist in the genres of rap, hip hop and emo rap.

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Leroy Jayson Herclass (born 06 July 1987), known professionally as Static XO, is a South African rapper, songwriter, and recording artist.
After releasing three mixtapes, one being "Wild Dreams" and two EPs, Leroy released his debut album “XO (2021), and “Romeo” (2022) which was associated and supported by his first set of live performances in Johannesburg South Africa.
He is currently making a name for himself with short feature videos on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok) raking in the video and comments regarding his flow and wordplay.
Lee is looking to sign his first major Record Deal but doing pretty well as an Indie Rap Artist with independent sales flowing through his website


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